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Treasuring Good News Amidst the Bad

America’s moral, cultural and societal trajectory is disturbing to many Christians. These changes are particularly worrying when they impact our children. Among other things, parents are forced to have conversations about sexuality, pornography, and identity in a manner and on a timetable we likely would not have chosen. News headlines once reflecting realities “out there” are now openly discussed in elementary school classrooms. In the midst of anxiety and feelings of being overwhelmed, its good to reflect on what is true. When we treasure Gods’ Word—the definitive proclamation about reality—we can be at peace in the storm and give our children the gift of an unshakable and certain hope.

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No Other Gospel: Notes from TGC 2017

In April, several of Valley Bible Church’s pastoral staff were privileged to attend the 2017 Gospel Coalition conference in Indianapolis. Over 8,600 attendees from all 50 states and 57 countries attended. There is something powerful about singing “A Mighty Fortress is Our God” together with 8,000 brothers and sisters from around the world unified by the Spirit of Adoption.

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To Speak or Not to Speak… that is the Question

At the Crossing, we’ve just started a new teaching series in the book of Acts, called, “Kingdom Come – The Unstoppable Gospel To The Ends Of The Earth.”  Acts covers a period of approximately 33 years. J.B. Phillips wrote that “in no comparable period of human history has any small body of ordinary people so moved the world that their enemies could say, with tears of rage in their eyes, that these men have turned the world upside down!’”

Can that be said about us today? Surveys reveal that the majority of Christians in the West don’t speak about their faith with others. In my 40 years of being a believer, I struggle to recall anyone initiating a conversation with me about the Lord!

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