The Empty Tomb Produces Joy

For some of you who know me, it may be hard to believe but when I was young I was not cool.  Of course, I am kidding. I am not sure I am very cool today, but I am not nearly as conflicted as I was for the majority of my life.  Today, I am confident in a simple and profound truth. In junior high I was among the 99% of the population that was awkward and tortured by the 1% of the gifted and beautiful people of the world.

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The tomb is still empty & that is all that matters!

In this stage of my life, I find myself reflecting on my life more than driving through it at warp speed. As I fight my cancer and lean into God for grace and strength, and as I covet the prayers of His people more than ever, I think back to the darkest hours when God was faithful. Some of those dark hours came when I did not yet know Him. Many more have come since I have placed my hope in Jesus. Maybe that is because I am getting older and my memory is probably getting worse, but a large part is due to the mental bookmarks I have made in the process of giving Jesus the glory for those victories.

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