Up From The Ashes

At 2:00 am on October 9, 2017 Edwin Guzman was awakened by the sound of roaring wind. When he looked outside he could see nothing but a sky darkened by smoke. He quickly realized that his family and home were in the path of a raging wild fire. He went back into his house awakened his wife, son and his parents telling them to get up they had to leave immediately. He then went back to alert his neighbors. Within 5 minutes he, his family and 2 dogs were in their 2 cars looking for a way out of their neighborhood. Familiar streets were impassable due to fire.

That was the beginning of the most costly and deadly wild fire in California’s history. Nearly a quarter of a million acres were burned, 9,000 buildings destroyed, 44 lives lost. Cost exceed $9 billion dollars.

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Navajo Outreach

Summer is sneaking into the Bay Area, slowly but surely.  Schools are closed, graduations have come and gone, and vacations are in the works!  And for many of us here in the VBC family, there is much preparation for some of the most spiritually fruitful events of the year!  The crown jewel of the summer for many in the VBC family is our outreach to the Navajo Nation.  If our calculations are correct, this will be our 20th sojourn to Four Corners, USA – where Utah, Arizona, Colorado, and New Mexico converge in one geographic point.  

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