As many of you know, we made some announcements about some staff changes a few weeks ago – one of which was Nathan Baird’s new role overseeing the Small Group ministry of VBC.

Well, we now want to tell you about a new phase in Nathan’s role.  He’ll not only be overseeing the Small Group ministry at VBC, but he will now oversee DISCIPLESHIP DEVELOPMENT, a new position/role that’s been created here at VBC.  Nathan has a strong desire for believers to be discipled, educated, and equipped to serve effectively as spiritual leaders, both in the local church and universally.

In this new role, he’ll be working with the elders to create class offerings on Sunday mornings and during the week, to provide classes with a variety of instructors on various topics such as church doctrine, the study of books in the Bible, equipping spiritual leaders, and the study of issues in our culture and how to address these from a biblical worldview.

Because of his new role, he will no longer oversee the ministry to children and their families and so we are pleased to announce that role will now be overseen by Karen Glavee.  Karen has been serving alongside Nathan for many years, has overseen Children’s Ministries in other churches, and has formal education in child development and so we are looking forward to her stepping into this new role.

Please join us in praying for and supporting both Nathan and Karen in their new roles of ministry in the VBC family.