Several changes in the Valley Bible Church staff will be taking place over the coming months.  VBC is committed to equipping men and women for future ministry leadership roles in the church and in the expansion of God’s kingdom.  As time passes and our church grows, it’s necessary for some of our leadership roles to change and reflect what God is doing in our lives individually, what best suits the needs of our church family, and gives God the greatest glory.

For those of you who attended our worship services on June 3rd, you heard the elders announce the following upcoming changes:

– Jason Moog will turn over leadership of the Life Group Ministry (Small Groups) to Nathan Baird.  Beginning August 1st Nathan will oversee this ministry so that Jason will be able to teach more frequently on Sunday mornings and develop other areas of ministry.  Jason will continue to oversee the ministry to young adults (the Quest ministry).  Nathan will continue to oversee the Children’s Ministry.

– Jay Scott will be retiring as the VBC Administrative Pastor, effective August 1st.
Jay will continue to serve as a VBC elder, participate as a member of the Stewardship Team, attend the Altamont Campus, and serve VBC in a variety of ways with his wife, Fritzeen.  Jay explains that he’s leaving his ‘day’ job to spend time studying, serving, and spending his time in new ways.

– Also effective August 1st Fritzeen Scott will turn over the role of ministry to women at the Altamont Campus to Caroline Roeschke.

– Tim Barley will step into Jay Scott’s position and assume the role of Executive Pastor of VBC, effective August 1st.  The VBC Executive Pastor is the new title for the Administrative Pastor and will include oversight of the staff and church operations.  Jay will continue to be available to provide Tim any necessary guidance and support he may need.

– Stephen Greenaway will begin overseeing the ministry to high school students and their families, effective August 19th. Stephen has grown up at VBC, gone through the Children’s Ministry, Middle School Ministry, High School Ministry, served as an intern in the HSM, as a leader in the HSM, and currently is a part-time staff member with the HSM.  Tim will continue to be available to Stephen to provide training and support for his new role and at some point, he would enjoy serving under Stephen’s leadership as a leader in the HSM.

Should you have any questions about these changes feel free to contact any of the people mentioned or any VBC elder.  We look forward to seeing the Lord work in each person for the benefit and glory of His church.