1 Peter 5:5-14

Focused Text: 1 Peter 5:6-7


Anxiety is debilitating.  Whether it seizes us daily or relatively infrequently, we have all at some point felt the immense power that anxiety possesses in strangling our joy.  In the moment, unless conditioned to respond in a godly manner, we will tend to feel overwhelmed and defeated by anxiety.

Peter tells us that the antidote for anxiety is simpler than many of us would imagine.  Rather than sitting in anxiety until it passes, Peter tells us to do something about it.  He tells us that in light of both God’s power and care for us, we are to humble ourselves before God by throwing our worries on him (5:6-7).  To state things negatively: when we cling to our fears instead of casting them upon God, we are calling into question either God’s sovereignty or his love for us.  As we submit to God in the midst of suffering, we build a trust in him that fortifies our hearts, strengthens our character, and produces steadfastness.


Take some time to think or talk through the following questions with a view to applying the passage in your own life.


  1. When I feel anxiety creeping in at any given point, how am I currently most likely to respond?


  1. Do I use suffering and the accompanying anxiety as an excuse to doubt God’s character or do I use it as an opportunity to develop an enduring trust?